Counselor-In Training Program

Work in a collaborative environment and develop leadership and decision making skills. Learn people management in a positive environment and treat kids in a way that they are inspired to listen and learn. 

Make discipline a priority, followed by a light-hearted fun demeanor. Execute tasks in an organized manner and record details. Report day to day accomplishments effectively with your supervisors, communicate in a positive and patient manner with the families and kids. Laser focus to safety of kids , monitoring them using friendly  interactions and making sure they learn science concepts and experiments as per Science Nature labs! standards and expectations. An open mind which can comprehend feedback in positive light. Commitment and responsibility should be the essence of this role.

In person – Be there at 8:30AM, help with check-in and check out of kids as needed, organize documentation, ensure that kids are playing safely on inflatables, snack/lunch  and other activities, help campers with activities per Supervisors instructions and any other tasks per need. Most important- required to clear background check and be available for Science Nature Labs! training sessions.

Online – Be present on time, make sure that you do not have any other activity interfering during the camp hours. Be patient with kids and try to answer their questions and support the main teacher as needed.

A valid Driver’s license and access to a vehicle to arrive at the camp will be a great plus. See we have moved our program Online for the most part,  Driver’s license is not a must.

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